Daily life in Brisbane goes on.

Temperature in Brisbane is rising so this was a good reason to go the Cove Lagoon in Redcliff (north east of Brisbane). It’s a controlled safe area close to sea/ocean.

Settlement Cove Lagoon in Redcliff   A play in Cove Lagoon. 

Especially Nicole is still fascinated by the Wallum Sedge frogs in the frog pont. She likes to catch them and became quite good in it.

A look at the frog pont.Caths the frogs. Wallum Sedge frogs Blowing his balloon.

Jorick enjoyes school more each day. The teacher asked him to watch over her dog Kenny during the weekend. He also had to put all the experiences with Kenny in her diary with additional pictures. So he took Kenny with him to a Birthday on Saturday and a Dutch Playground Party on Sunday. The Pictures tell it all. On Grandparents day at school Jan and Anita played the role of grandparent and we also found a lovely older lady as a “stand-in”. The children love her.

  With Kenny to a Birthday Party.   Kenny in Dutch costume.        The Artist.   Grand Parents day.

Continuously (for us) new animals show up. 

Beetle.       Our Ducks in the Frog Pont.       Spider in the park.

Since we have the Brush Turkey building his mound close to our house and female turkeys put their eggs in it, the Lace monitor continuously shows up. He is watching for his chance to eat the eggs (we think). Several times we saw the male Turkey defend his mould and picking the head of the Lace Monitor when he came to close.

 LaceMonitor hiding behind the tree.          Waiting for opportunity to escape.          If I'm quite you don't see me (I hope)

At night the Possums become active and can make a lot of noise. Also the Cane Toads, considered to be a pest, show up and we already have killed many of them. They are non-native and don’t have natural enemies, so they are very reproductive and eat a lot. In effect other frog species don’t survive. Also snakes, birds, crocodiles and other animals trying to eat a Cane Toads get killed by their venom (excreted by their parotic glands). During daytime we can enjoy watching kookaburras eating termites.

Possum visiting at night. Cane Toad. Kookaburras eating termites.


Jan, Anita, Nicole and Jorick

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