Preparing a move to Australia.

Finally we made the decision to move to Australia in two months. Although this was already on our mind for several years, we recently started to explore some potential scenarios in more detail. During two holidays we have visited the major cities and enjoyed the nature, the friendly people and the climate. Australia is a fascinating country.

This finally has brought us to the conclusion that we would like to move to Brisbane. Brisbane, being the 3rd largest city of Australia, has more than 2 million citizens, many cultural events and still brings you in less than 30 minutes from the Central Business District to impressive national parcs. It also has a beautiful sub-tropical climate, nice areas to live and (although limited) business for employment.

Although  we really are looking forward to our move to Brisbane, we also experience another side of the story. We love our way of living here and are happy with everything we’ve got here, including friends and family. This makes it also difficult to say goodbye for some time. In the remaining weeks we still have a lot to do and want to meet many of you to say goodbye.

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