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Spring 2009

Friday, September 25th, 2009

After a strange winter with temperatures far above 30 degrees spring is now around the corner. Many many animals show up again looking for partners and/or places to live. Brush turkeys and regularly even a lace monitor climbs up to our garden to look around. Possums and Koalas are also very busy and many strange insects can be seen everywhere.

Koala in garden. Lace monitor on or lawn.

Snakes are very active at the moment and we saw our first red back spider. These red back spiders are not very dangerous as long you leave them alone, but if you get bitten it can be painful and even cause death.

Green tree snake. Red back spider.

In daily life the kids keep enjoying themselves in the many playgrounds and we all love the walking tracks and barbeques in national parks (like in the Karwatha Park on the picture). This year we watched the river fire from the balcony of friends close to the city centre. That was much easier than last year.

Jorick in a playground in our area. A BBQ in Karawatha Park. River Fire above Central Business District.

One of the beautiful plants in our garden.If the possum didn’t eat all the blossoms we also can enjoy nice flowers in our garden.

That’s it for now. We’re still healthy and happy and we hope you are as well.



Mt Mee State Forest + School

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

After a wet start of the winter we’re now having many sunny days. Temperature differences during the day are considerable. During the day it typically is around 20 degrees and at night it can fall to 6 degrees (Celsius). Since dual layered glass is not usual here, temperature in house may decrease to 17-18 degrees requiring us to start the wood burner, or to invert the airco (NL: warmtepomp).

Sunrise is already at 6.20 am, but when Nicole and Jorick go to school at 8 am it is still cold. In their uniforms with bare legs. That’s why we bought them long trousers from the school uniform shop in uniform colors (we bravely follow the rules here).  Poor Nicole is only allowed to wear her long trousers on Tuesday when she is in sport uniform. On the other days she can wear some stockings (from the school uniform shop) under her dress.  They also have a jumper (also part of the uniform collection) for during the cold morning hours.  The sun is very powerful so an hour later the temperature is already much better.

The dry sunny weather in Winter is perfect for activities outside. One of our trips was to Mt Mee State Forest for a walk, a bbq and playing. We took an unsealed road to The Gantry which is a recreation area with barbecues and lots of space for a play.  The unsealed road was beautiful and we didn’t expect this so close (40 km) to our home.  Unfortunately the wood for the BBQ was wet, so lots of smoke guaranteed, but finally we had a delicious meal. The kids always love the barbies in Forest Parks.

unsealed road to The Gantry (Mt Mee) Smokey BBQ at The Gantry (Mt Mee) Hungry Kookaburras waiting for an opportunity.

The Kookaburra’s noticed our food and were waiting for an opportunity as usual. During our play they made several dives to our table. We  played some soccer and watched the birds.

New game: Keeper behind the goal.Somerset Lookout Black parrot

The Somerset Trail (4WD track) brought us to Somerset Lookout. On our way we saw some beautiful black parrots.




Leaving the mountain over the Sellin Road gave us some nice views over the area.

View from Mt Mee (Sellin Road). Sunset


 Nicole at Athleticsday Jorick at Athletics DayOnce a year the school organizes an Athletics Day with many activities. Parents and family is welcome to have a look. It was first planned a month ago, but then it was raining so it was postponed. It was fun. Nicole could jump very far. On the left photo she is joining a “running relay in the box”. 

You may have noticed that the  children always wear hats outside. That’s a school rule for sun protection.

Nicole had an excursion to the Osprey house about rubbish, recycling and saving nature. Lessons about sea life. Many animals get killed by plastic and other rubbish.

A week later Nicole had an excursion to the Osprey House. Jan joined as a volunteer and it was fun to see how the children learned about how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. They also learned about how harmful rubbish can be for animals and the environment. Nicole found it very interesting. Following to this Nicole got an assignment from school to register all rubbish flows in home and to look for ways how we could improve reducing, reusing and recycling our waste. Not bad such an internal “rubbish consultant”. 🙂