McConnell’s Lookout + Mudlo National Park

McConnell's Lookout

After visiting Cania Gorge, we travelled to Mudlo National Park. On our way we crossed the beautiful landscapes of North Burnett with creative patterns of (dry) brown grass and green trees. Along the Burnett River, near Gayndah, the oldest town in Queensland (1849) we visited McConnell’s lookout (350km north west of Brisbane). A steep road brought us to the top of the mountain where we could get a good overview of the area. Along the river it was much greener than elsewhere. Later that day we discovered that many of the green spots were fields with orange trees.

In this situations it is impressive how quiet it can be on such nice locations. Again we were the only visitors here.

McConnell's Lookout

After arriving at Mudlo National Park we had a picnic and walked the Mudlo gap track through a high density bush. A steep path was finally bringing us to the Pearsons Lookout.

 Mudlo Gap Track "Lettuce in a tree" (Jorick) Finally reached the top

From between the trees at Pearsons Lookout we had a nice view and took some rest. Then we walked back to our car and went home.

Pearson Lookout in Mudlo National Park Going home

In the next weekend we went to a park in Eatons Hill with a playground and a athletics track. Here Nicole could practice some skating. Since we are in Australia Nicole didn’t use her skates this intense. Jorick had to learn to ride his bike without the side-wheels. Since it’s very hilly in our living area, there are not so many opportunities to learn cycling around our home.

Cycling through a park in Eatons Hill Skating Dog on leash and bags for poo

Also in this park you have to keep your dog on leash and bags are provided at the entrance to clean up the poop of your dog. Not a bad idea.

Kind regards,

Jan, Anita, Nicole and Jorick

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