Brisbane Forest, Lake Somerset & Wivenhoe, …

After a period of very hot weather, it’s now becoming better for daytrips a bit further from home again. A trip through the Brisbane Forest brought us along Lake Wivenhoe, Esk and Lake Somerset. These lakes are created between the hills to save water and to generate electrical energy. Although designed by humans, it created a beautiful environment of water meeting the bush with also many recreational opportunities as well.

Lake Wivenhoe seen from Brisbane Forest (near Mount Glorious)   Three aggressive "Noisy Miners" waiting for our picnic.   A good conversation. 

During this trip we found out that Nicole already reached a length of nearly 1 cactus.

The roads are quiet, straight and in corners with changing heights also dangerous.

 Roads are quiet, straight and sometimes ...  ... dangerous.  Lake Somerset.

Esk Historical Homestead.


Esk is a small village in the Brisbane valley, 80 km west of the city. The population is around 16,000 people spread over a large area. In Esk Europeans first settled in 1825. The Historical Homestead shows one of the older restored houses in this village.


Nicole is still doing her Tennis lessons and as you can see she already shows some impressive moves. She loves it.  After the Eater holidays also Jorick will start with tennis lessons.

Nicole with some impressive moves. ... and again.  Caterplillar in our garden.

Finally an example of the many different caterpillars in our garden.

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