1 yr Australia, Boondall Wetlands + daily life

We are already 1 year in Australia and this milestone is a nice moment for evaluation. It was an interesting year with many beautiful experiences and also many challenges. Coming here without knowing anybody made us realize and experience how important social relations are and how much you normally depend on others. On the other hand we also experienced that this made it a richer experience with many opportunities to learn about ourselves and our social life. It gave us also another view on daily life and culture in the Netherlands and Australia. A more detailed description of how we experience after 1 year living in Australia can be found on the following page: “evaluation Australia

 Crabs at Boondall Wetlands Eatern Curlew or Sea Curlew Australian White Ibis or Sacred Ibis. White-flaced Heron or Blue Crane

On a Sunday we went again to Boondall Wetlands Reserve for a walk. The salty environment creates an exceptional flora and fauna. In the Reserve many Indigenous art totems can be found which makes it even a more attractive to walk and look around. The pictures below show three of the many totems with their meaning.

DU-WIR: Brown Quail (du-wir) live in the grass and were favorite food. Woemen and children would beat the grass to flush out the birds and the men would bring them down with small hunting boomerangs.  DARLOPAL: This tomen represents Darlopal (camp place with fire). The fish skeleton indicates that fish could be caught here and eaten. The other side shows swimming fish. The flames on the side and top represent the fireplace for cooking, warmth and light.   GRAMMAN: Flying foxes (gramman) a favourite Murri food, hang from boomerangs across a shield. They fly in to eat the fruits of these rainforest trees, dropping seeds of other plants. Their nearest camp is on Cabbage Tree Creek.

Birthday party in park with ponies to ride on. Daily life goes on and so also the park parties. Jorick had a birthday party of a girlfriend in his class in a park. Ponies were organised for the kids to ride on. Also Nicole (being a girlfriend from her sister) was invited making it fun for both Jorick and Nicole. Nicole loves animals very much so she enjoyed it a lot as you can see.. The many parks are intensively used here for family meetings, parties, celebrations, etc.

Another day we went walking just a few kilometers from our home near the Lake Samson Vale. Already close to Brisbane you can walk for hours without meeting other people. This gives a real nature experience.

Walking along Lake Samsonvale. Another Koala watching us. A St. Andrew's Cross Spider in the garden.

The 3rd picture above shows a spider in our garden. Many insects (and animals) have beautiful colors here.

That’s t for now. An update will follow sooner this time.


Jan, Anita, Nicole and Jorick

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