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Although we are already 11 months in Australia, often it still feels as a holiday. For us the weather, living outside and the new environment shows to be very much associated with holiday. From other Dutchies living here already a few years we heard that every morning they still have the feeling that they have to go outside. In the background of their mind an algorithm is still telling  that you should use the opportunity of good Circa Circusweather. However good weather is here not very seldom, so it is weird.

Anyhow we are enjoying the opportunity and are spending much time together making it a joint experience. Next month we will give some reflections on one year in Australia.

At the Queensland Cultural Center Circa Circus gave a show with many circus acts targeted at children. The kids had fun since it was a mix of circus and a humorous show. It was even more fun that afterwards it was possible to try some (relatively) simple acts yourself. That was a real challenge. 

             Artist Training    Artist nr.2   

Making a mask.

Music Workshop.


The kids weren’t only invited for circus workshops but also many other workshops were available. Making music, singing, making songs, art, etc.


We also went to the  Gallery of Modern Art and Art Gallery Queensland. The kids already appreciate certain forms of art a little bit which is fun. In the modern art museum Jorick was heavily fascinated by many sculptures symbolizing an integration of mechanics and cars with human beings. It took him 15 minutes before he could leave them. In the White Forest we nearly caught a cold 🙂

   Queensland Art Museum (inside)            My Monument: White Forest 2008 - Kathy Temin (Australia)

And so now and then we also visit Alma Zoo which is close to our house.

     What's up ?       Hi

     Koala with baby.        Cuddling a Koala.


Jan, Anita, Nicole and Jorick

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