Local entertainment + Sunshine Coast.

Weather is warm but not extreme so it allowed us to do another few recreational activities.

One of these activities was an open air movie in the evening. We were invited by friends to join and it was a nice experience. It was organized in one of the many Parks with a playground, there was a Sausage Sizzle (BBQ) with drinks and you could bring your own camping chair. The weather o that evening was relatively cold (23 degrees) and Nicole complained about the cold and to be honest, … she wasn’t the only one. Nevertheless we enjoyed the movie “With Happily N’Ever After”.

           Open Air Movie "With Happily N'Ever After". We are ready for the start.

During the holidays many additional activities are organized. One of them was the Madagascar theatre play in Westfield shopping center at Chermside and in Stratpine kids could bake their own cookies.

 Madagascar Play Baking your own cookies. A visit at the Deer Farm. The deers at the Deer farm.

We also visited the Lyell Deer Farm. After paying the entrance fee we could have a look at some deer’s behind the fence and buy some food to feed them. That was more or less it, so we decided to visit Alma Zoo again soon where they also have deers you can interact with and many other animals as well.

On one of the daytrips we went to The Big Pine Apple where you can see how pine apples and nuts grow. After that we went to the beach at Mooloolaba. When we entered the beach we saw some signs warning for “Blue bottles”. Also some people warned us and we were wondering what they meant. But after asking we understood that they are referring to Blue Jellyfish stingers. (Jellyfish is known as the Blue Bottle, due to its colour and shape when strewn on a beach. Elsewhere it is known as the “Portuguese Man o’ War” as it is said to look like a Portuguese battleship with a sail.) We saw a few coming to the beach with each wave. As can be seen on the picture they have a very long tentacle and if they touch you it can be very painful and it should be treated quickly with vinegar. They seem to show up with certain winds and water levels. Still a few people went swimming, but we decided to have a look a few kilometers further.

"The Big Pine Apple" at Woombye  Picknick with Barbecue on Mooloolaba beach. "Blue bottle Jellyfish" stinger on the beach.

At Kings Beach a little bit more south there were no jellyfishes, so we could go here for a swim without any problem and again it was fun.

       Our surfer at Kings Beach. Water fun at Kings Beach.


Jan, Anita, Nicole and Jorick

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