Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Peter Pan.

It’s summer now and sometimes it’s really hot. Day after day the temperature is above 30 degrees and often with a high humidity we use the airco a lot, especially in the evenings. Locals tell us that it is not a very hot summer this time …

Continuing our holidays we relaxed in and around the house, made/had many visits (often with BBQ and a swim) and visited some nice places around Brisbane and relaxed in and around our house.

Pilot in Caboolture Warplane Museum. Beach on Bribie-Island. Beautiful Crab Walking on the beach. Tired after dinner.

After a visit to the Caboolture Warplane Museum with several old planes, we went to the beach on Bribie Island. On the beach we saw many living animals like starfishes, jellyfish, crabs, limpets, and many more. We still feel it as a luxury to have so many good days you can go to many nice and quiet beaches. At the end of the day everybody was tired and the kids slept in the car as soon they took their seat.

Peter Pan theatre play at Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Harvest Rain Theatre Company is now doing a Peter Pan theatre play at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) in Brisbane, so Jan went there with Nicole and Jorick. Although Nicole had already visited several theatre plays in The Netherlands, for Jorick this was his first time and in the beginning it was a little bit scary. Especially Captain Hook got him frightened, but he got used to the play, stayed and loved it.


Coming down from the watch tower. Watch Tower Glass House Mountains.We started a trip to the Glass House Mountains (up north from Brisbane) with a walk to a high watch tower. The track was only 700 meters, but very steep so it was a real challenge, especially for the kids. But with a lot of coaching and support we all arrived at the top and the view was great.


We had another great view from “Glass House Mountains Lookout” as the panorama picture shows.

Panorama view Glass House Mountains Lookout.

Maleny, Montville & Mapleton are some nice characteristic old places in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and many people go there in their holidays. Although it looked nice (and touristic), coming from Europe we didn’t experience it as very exciting, so we soon went to  the beautiful Baroon Pocket Dam.

Baroon Pocker Dam. Baroon Pocket Dam. A barbecue at the Baroon Pocket Dam. BBQ Lunch 

It’s a quiet lake with many opportunities for recreation. We had a BBQ lunch in a park while enjoying the view over the lake and the kids playing in the playground. It’s amazing how on many nice places (electrical) barbeques are available for the public. These devices are nearly always clean and not damaged. The same is true for playgrounds.

 Enjoying the view on Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Black Forest Hill Clock Centre in Maleny. Clocks in German style. Water driven rotor. 

On our way to the Black Forest Hill Clock Centre in Montville we came along some spectacular views on the Glass House Mountains. Nature is really breath taking here. The Clock Centre is a shop with all sorts of clocks and many Cuckoo Clocks. With the style of the building and the clocks we really felt ourselves again in the “Deutsche Schwartz Wald”. Some other buildings were a little bit in German style as well.

Our mam likes shopping and SHE loved it here...
Dutch Poffertjes.After this visit to the Clock Centre the many shops were tempting us to have a look.  We dragged our bodies in the heat from shop to shop to entertain the female part of the family. We even saw a shop selling Dutch Poffertjes from “The Dutch Poffertjes Company” bringing our thoughts again in the direction of Western Europe. After a play in the local playground it was time to go home again.

Kind regards,

Jan, Anita, Nicole and Jorick

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