Lawn, Sydney and Storm

A while ago the lawn was extended by replacing several bushes and a path of stones with lawn turf. The lawn is growing well now so this gives the children more space to play. Especially in the beginning the Brush Turkey liked it as well and tried to take all the grass out for his mould. We had to chase him many times. Already in the first weeks we changed a pond into a sandpit.

In the 1st week of November Jan went to the Broadband World Conference in Sydney. It was fun to learn more about the local Telco&Internet environment and to catch up with a several people. The last day Jan went with another delegate (who made the pictures with his iphone) to the harbor and there we saw the “ms Volendam”, a “The Holland America Line” cruise ship. Although he considered to travel with the ship to NL, he finally took the plane to Brisbane at the end of the day.



The following weekend we bought some mountain bikes at the supermarket for cycling in the neighborhood or in the city with several tracks.  Jorick and Nicole left their bikes in The Netherlands so they were very happy with the new ones.


At Sunday we visited some friends with a pool. Nicole and  Jorick really enjoyed that. At home we have to do it with an inflatable one. When we went home there started a big tropical storm / cyclone and it was astonishing how much water can come down (110mm in 1 hour and around 200 mm over night). It was the worst storm in decennia and many houses were damaged even complete roofs were blown away, roads blocked by trees. At the shopping center a man blown into a drain by water floods and didn’t survive. Coming home we didn’t have any electricity and we were happy having a generator in the shed. The frogs were even climbing the windows.


And now looking forward to Sinterklaas …

Kind regards,

Jan, Anita, Nicole and Jorick

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