A 4WD Challenge for Dutchies.

Today we have been on a 4WD (4-wheel-drive) tour through the bush close to seven miles plane.

After driving to the starting point of the track we passed Jelle’s Well (Early 1890’s pioneers bullock and horse team watering point). A perfect location for an early lunch and the children could have a play together.

On our way to starting point. Jelle's Well Early 1890's pioneers bullock and horse teams watering point.

After noticing that the access to the track as planned was impossible we ended up with another track. This track showed to be a real challenge for Dutchies from a flat country. Many times it was a real puzzle how to come across the difficult locations. Steep and deep holes, part of the road completely gone and/or just rocks/stones.  The fact that our tires were not optimally made for this type of terrain and our car having a stepping bar under the doors made the challenge even bigger.

How to take this one ? Here we go. Take a deep breath

We were happy that we were with a group of more experienced 4wd drivers. We could learn a lot and they helped us to solve the puzzles on how to pass the different barriers. Of course we didn’t want to damage our car so we were careful.

 Slowly. Three wheels is enough.

Although we moved cm by cm, several times a wheel got loose from the ground. A strange experience. The more experienced guys with older and more dedicated cars gave some wild demonstrations of driving up (or not) and down on very steep tracks. Nicole and Jorick loved it.

Flying Dutchmen. 

When we started to go home we were lucky to see two Lace Monitor mating in front of us on the middle of the road.  The were so excited that they didn’t notice us immediatly. Then they quickly disappeared.

 Cool off phase.

Finally we went home and had to clean our car the week after.


Jan, Anita, Nicole and Jorick

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