Playgrounds, lessons and nature


Digging to lay eggs

Frogs in the Frog Pont.

Wallum Sedgefrogs in the Frog Pont.

The Brush Turkey is still very busy and sometimes he is digging a hole into his mound. We guess that’s for a women Turkey to put in her eggs whereafter the mound gets closed. Several times a women Turkey came by so we are full of expectations. Especially Nicole is looking forward to see some small young Turkeys, but we don’t know if this will really happen.

It was hot.

It was hot.

In the evening we saw the Wallum Sedgefrogs sitting on the leaves in the frog pont. They are very green and make a pleasant sound.


We already experienced our first real hot days with a temperature far above 30 degrees. Since we don’t have a pool in the garden, we had to try something else.


Swinging in Pine RiversPark


Turning until you fall.


Lunch at Pine Rivers Park.


When we visited the Pine Rivers Park the children could play wit a range of attributes while we could enjoy the weather, lunch and read a book. The weather was hot.



Nicole started with her first tennis lessons. At school there are sport fields including a tennis ground where you can subscribe for lessons. She loved her first lesson and did a good job. Jorick was helpfull to collect all the balls as you can see

1st tennis lesson

1st tennis lesson.


Jorick gathering balls.

back hand






1st Swimming Lesson

1st Swimming Lesson.

Follow the leader

Follow the leader.


Both Jorick and Nicole also started with their first Swimming Lessons. Nicole had already some lessons in NL, but for Jorick this was the first time. Since they like playing on the beach and in the water it would be good if they could swim. The pools in the garden are making this even more relevant.  






Every day Nicole has to do her homework. She has to read one or more booklets, to make and write some sentences and often some mathematics. She is doing well. On the picture you can see her reading a book. Sometimes Jorick is sitting with her to listen to the stories and to look at the pictures.



 After having an engagement party in the New Farm Park, we visited the playground there and enjoyed. Especially the mysterious tree was fascinating.   We also could test our new camera there.

NewFarm Park.

NewFarm Park.

A mysterious tree.

A mysterious tree.

Too fast.

Too fast.

Ultra Zoom.

Ultra Zoom.


Purple trees in Spring.

Purple trees in Spring.

Again another species.

Again another species. (Striped Rocketfrog)

In Spring the city is decorated with purple trees.
When we got home Nicole saw (again) another frog species (Striped Rocketfrog). We have the frogs here in many models, colours and sizes.



Kind regards,

Jan, Anita, Nicole and Jorick

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